April and May R350 SRD: Good news at last from minister of social development

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Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2022/05/20/all-r350-srd-payments-to-be-made-on-this-month/

The long wait of statuses to change is about to come to an end since the minister of social development came out with an announcement for R350 SRD Beneficiaries.

It isrevealed that all those who qualify for the grant, will begin to see their bank accounts impregnated with what is rightfully theirs from the month of june.

SASSA on Twitter: ""I assure all qualifying applicants that they will be in receipt of their payments for this iteration of the grant by June," Minister Zulu mentions." / Twitter

With this, it means all the money from the month of April to June will be paid all together in june. So this means that there is not need for you to be afraid of not recieving your money for the previous months.

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Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2022/05/20/all-r350-srd-payments-to-be-made-on-this-month/

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