Sad News As Covid-19 Drug Now Shoots to Ksh 200,000


Kenyans who are critically ill from Covid-19 are facing a hard time with a special drug now retailing at Ksh 200,000 for a single dose.

The drug is called Tocilizumab , which is a monoclonal antibody that binds to the receptor for interleukin reducing inflammation, and is commonly used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

In relations to Covid-19, the drug was approved by FDA and in Kenya (Pharmacy and Posions Board)for injections for critically-ill adults.

This means that the drug is important and can reduce coronavirus patients’ need for mechanical ventilation and improve chances of survival.

The Sunday Nation now reports that Kenyans are decrying the high price which now retails at ksh 200,000.

Reports also show that the drug is very scarce worldwide and the countries that produce the drug are hoarding for it's citizens.

Netizens in the countries that are now using the drugs (Kenya, South Africa, United States, Peru, Brazil) have taken to social media asking for reccomendations of where they can get the injection.