Uzalo|Nkunzi and his son got on a serious fight with the enemy last night, see details

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The position of Nkunzi been the godfather of Kwamashu is a serious threat after the arrival of Vika in town, and now Njinji the aunt of Vika has also made her first appearance in the show last night and it looks like she will be causing serious harm to Nkunzi in Kwamashu.

Both Nkunzi and Vika are seriously injured after the shooting that took place last night where the two were fighting each other, on the street bash that was hosted by Sbu who was out to make a difference in the community that has raised him.

But now Mandla Spikiri was out to experience the atmosphere of Kwamashi and learn how things are happening in this town, and the place looks more dangerous than Soweto in Ndofaya where he was raised.

Nkunzi has to prepare for the fight of his life because Njinji is coming for him.

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