5 Tricks To Charge Your Smartphone Faster.


Sometimes we charge our phone battery 100% full in order to do some of our activities with the phone. It is always embarrassing to leave a phone on a charge before you sleep and wake up morning to find it's not charged. There are several reasons why this happens to many smartphones. First of all the way you charge your phone battery matters alot to the validity of your battery. You can't be charging and the same time you want to listen to music or you need to chat. This can damage your battery by creating charge resistance and also causes overheating of your device.

There are several way you can do to ensure your phone charges faster without creating disappointment. Try the following;

1. If your battery is external, try to remove and clean the terminals using spirit and ensure you don't squeeze it because you may change the cells pattern.

2. Use the only device specified charger for the same phone when charging.

3. Avoid using your phone when it is on charge.

4. Make sure your phone cools down first before you connect to the socket.

5. For fast and convenient charging you may switch off or put on flight mode when charging it.

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