Foreigners said they belong to SA, Whether South Africans like it or not

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Yesterday residents of SOWETO regrouped and decided to take matter of foreigners in their township into their own hands. SOWETO is one of areas in South Africa with so many foreigners, both documented and undocumented.

Residents went to BARA which is shopping center and chased away all foreigners, both documented and undocumented, burning their belongings, from stock to material

Unfortunately after somerimes Zimbabweans, Mozambicans and Nigerians in Bara became heavily armed and they made it clear with South African citizens that they must not cross the line, they belong to South Africa whether South Africans like it or not.

This is very shocking moment and I believe now it is high time, government of the republic of South Africa do something while it is still now to avoid huge wars that may arose.

To avoid civil wars or rather wars between citizens and foreigners whom by now seems armed than South Africans.


Watch the video of South African passing the message from foreigners:

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