Stocko Girls : Here Is What They Are Up To Now

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There's no doubt that social media can definitely put you in the spotlight in no time. Late last year, the Stocko girls made headlines all over the world after their viral video of John Vuli Gate on their bum flooded social media. 

 While in detention last year, a group of girls popularly known as the Stocko Girls rose to fame after a video of them dancing to a hit song "John Vuli Gate" went viral on social media . They started the John Vuli Gate Challenge which kept people happy. in the hard times of hard imprisonment. 


 Because of their newfound fame, the girls seem to have gone crazy. After their appearance in the limelight, they secured concerts and even suggested that they would expand their craft with music. 

 First of all, they weren't celebrities or enthusiasts, they just came out for fun. Just give them a break before you depress other kids ey 

 You said they focus on school. continue after 12th grade 


 The other one, she's in flight school, remember, she said she wanted to be a pilot 


 I saw a video somewhere where they were dancing at a party. "So I'm not sure about 

 Not that long ago some of the members went naked to graduate with flying colors. However, the girls seem to have disappeared from the spotlight again and the once popular Tweep asked where they were and several "Answers surfaced about her whereabouts 


 Rumors, however, state that three of the girls became pregnant and the other two are still pursuing their musical careers, but fail because they don't have the talent to sing.


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