10 Million Naira Or A Meeting With The President Of The Country? Pretty Lady Throws Tough Question


Technology has made life more fun and easy as one can easily have a happy and lively day by surfing on all social platforms and engaging in controversial chats with people. In our country Nigeria, it seems that Twitter is the leading social platform as many top personalities passes information through the media and millions of people also rely on it for non-fake news and gossips.

As I said initially, Twitter is where one can have much fun and cruise just with smartphone and data. Few hours ago, a pretty lady with the Twitter handle @callmezeelux, dropped a controversial question that got attention of many people thereby causing traffic online.

The question is really a tough one as one may think of taking the 10 Million Naira and also have double mind of becoming more richer after meeting with the president. See screenshots of people's reactions on the tweet,

Now the question is directed to you, will you take the huge amount of money or meet with the president of your country?

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