Female celebrities who have six pack (Abs)

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Abs refers to the rectus abdominis, which is a segmented muscle located on the front of your abdomen between your lower ribs and pelvis. It's what comprises a six-pack. Your core, meanwhile, includes your abs and every other muscle between your hips and your trapezius (excluding your chest and upper back). Here are female celebrities with abs.

Connie ferguson

Actress and business woman Connie looks healthy, sexier and younger as the years go by. One of her secrets to ageing well is daily exercise. The 51 year old said she won’t allow age to be an excuse. “Age is just a number. It's up to us how we look throughout the ages,” she said. Connie became a household name when she bagged the character of Karabo Moroka in the soapie Generations. Some of the things she has been consistent with have been maintaining her body and her looks

Pearl Modiadie

The radio personality has shared how hard it is to workout and get a perfect body. In an instagram post she complained saying it's 2021 and there is still no a magic pill that can give you your dream body, it means our scientists are slacking. Pearl might have been having a lazy day when she posted this but we know it does not stop her from working out and building her beautiful body.

Kate Henshaw

The 50 year old Nollywood actress said she began exercising ten years ago and the benefits have been numerous since she started. She said there are changes in her body and her health is great. She said before she used to get sick most of the time but her new lifestyle changed all of that.

Nonhle Ndala

Fitness expert and Andile Jali's estranged wife has worked hard to maintain her look, she is a mother of four but you cannot tell because she is consistent at the gym and eating clean.

Sbahle Mpisane

The fitness bunny is also one of the females who work hard at the gym. Even though she was involved in a car accident and couldn't walk she never stopped she still pushes herself more.

Mapule Ndlovhu

The model and fitness trainer has the nicest body, it's true when they say hardwork pays because this is what she has been doing in gym.



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