'My Wife And 7 Children Left Me After Losing My Arms And Legs' | Theodomiu Tells His Story.



Theodomiu's life with no arms and legs

Theodomiu's Life Without Arms And Limbs

Sometimes in life, we do not value the little things we have and become disappointed at the things life brings to us but interestingly, some people wish they will get the things we have and be okay with the provisions of life. Well, this is the unfairness of life as the one who has it, does not value it, and the one who wants it does not get it. Today, I bring to you a man known as Theodomiu who lives his life without arms and legs. His wife and children left him after losing his limbs.

Teodomiu was born normal and lived a happy life like any other normal person. He is a husband of seven children, however after he was hit by a tragic incident that caused him to lose his hands and legs, his wife and children left him.

It all started some years ago when Theodomiu went jogging one day. Theodomiu loved jogging because of his work as a security officer in charge of his area. After the jogging, he felt that his hands and legs had become frozen which limited the supply of blood to these parts of his body. Both his limbs became stiff as a tree. He quickly visited the nearby hospital for medical attention but was transferred to another hospital.

Upon reaching the new hospital, the doctors took some steps to treat him but Teodomiu was in so much pain. His urine became blood and he was feeling a burning sensation within him. His pain kept increasing and becoming unbearable. Theodomiu realized that the doctors' efforts did not amount to lessening his pain, so he escaped to a different hospital.

Theodomiu was given good medical attention at the new hospital. They treated him for two weeks, but his legs and arms started becoming stiffer and stiffer. Most of the people that visited him saw his condition to be poisoning. This brought perplexity between him and his wife. Later, Theodomiu was taken to a traditional doctor to see if his condition would improve. They concluded that he was sick but had not been poisoned.

Theodomiu's wife took him home and kept taking him to the local doctors since she concluded that her husband had been poisoned. Theodo's condition kept worsening day after day and his pain too increased. After realizing that nothing was working, his wife brought him home.

Theodo started rotting and his leg bursting. His wife was so stubborn that she did not want to listen to anyone's advice. Theodo called some of his friends to assist him to the hospital. Because his condition had worsened and started rotting, he was rushed to the operating room immediately after he got to the hospital. That very day, Theodo's legs were removed and the following day, his arms were also removed because they had started rotting.

A few days later after Theodo had lost both arms and legs, his wife packed her things and left without telling anyone. Now, there was no one to take care of Theodiu at the hospital. After the doctors realized that Theodo's wife had left him, they gathered in the morning and prayed for him asking God to help him.

Theodo was very sick and at the same time, his legs and hands had been cut. He was so much in pain because this was the time he needed her wife the most, but she betrayed him though, they had given birth to seven children. He still did not understand why a wife will leave her husband this way.

In the meantime, Theodo got a good samaritan who helped him do everything he needed, yet he did not know him. This made Theodo realized that humanity still exists. Some visitors who came in blessed Theodo with food and other supports that they could.

Finally, it was time for Theodo to go home, but he had no money on him, and paying the money was another task for him to complete.

As Theodo kept thinking about how he was going to get his hospital bills paid, a lady walked in having known all that had happened to Theodo, she paid all his bills and he was discharged. After he was discharged, he spent four years living alone because all his seven children had grown and married. There was no one there to help him do anything. Things were very difficult for Theodo until he met a woman from his village who decided to help him with everything he may need. Now they live together as husband and wife.

I have learnt a lot from this story as the writer to be content with the little that I have. Just going about walking freely is a great gift that someone is looking for.

If you are grateful for the little that you have, kindly let me know in the comment section and do not forget to follow me for more updates. Thank you.

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