"Leave him alone, he's married" - Social media users warn Berla Mundi


Recently on social media, there have numerous scandals involving Giovanni Caleb and now, another seems to be brewing concerning his involvement with his colleague in the media, Berla Mundi. First it was a scandal involving Abena Korkor and now that she’s been ‘suspended’ by media general, focus has now been turned to the duo, Berla and Giovanni. No one knows who started or who’s to be blamed either but for ladies being considered the vulnerable in society social media users have descended on Berla. For the men, it won’t bother them too much as seen in Abena Korkor’s case where she had to come to explain her side of the story about her involvement with Giovanni, but for the ladies, fans believe that once word is sent to Berla, she might desist from such acts.

Many believe that their ‘public displays of affection’ is quite abnormal considering how much they continuously banter back and forth on social media and shower ‘admiration’ for each other and how Berla could not find any male counterpart she could do a marriage demonstration with, but went for Giovanni. Some are also concerned and asking her to learn from her former colleague, Abena's experience .

But I believe that once they’re doing nothing suspicious and they’re being open about this, then there’s no problem or reason to worry. After all, Giovanni’s wife hasn’t come out to condemn them or anything then all is fine.

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