Kisumu City Experiences A Crucial Shortage As The AfriCities Summit Begins

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The AfriCities Summit is scheduled to kick off today in Kisumu.This particular summit was to be attended by a number of dignitaries from different places.It is scheduled to involve people from all walks of life.The truth remains that, Kisumu county has certainly put into place the necessary arrangements in readiness for the long awaited summit.

According to the Kisumu county governor,Anyang' Nyong'o,he has made it clear on the preparedness of his county to host such a summit,and he has assured all the visitors safety throughout the whole occasion.

However, the city has noted a shortage in the condom supply.This shortage comes the moment when a large number of visitors are incoming to this particular city where each and everyone would definitely celebrate in their own styles.

It is very obvious that Kisumu is one of the counties with the highest HIV prevalence,hence this puts many lives at risk during this summit.Furthermore, the STIs are also transmitted sexually, hence the use of condoms has been the only way to reduce the risks of infection.

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