1st October: 2 Times Criminals Attacked Nigerians On Independence Day, And What FG Should Do Today

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Some criminals in Nigeria have no respect for the country, their only aim is to see Nigerians in pain.

In this article, we'll be looking at two times criminals attacked Nigerians on independence day, and what the government should do today.

1. 1st October 2010

Two bombs went off in Abuja on 1st October 2010, killing at least 12 people. The bombs exploded with two cars, and the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) was behind the attack. It is believed that the attack was used to send a message to former President Goodluck Jonathan concerning the oil in the Niger Delta area of the country.

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Two members of MEND identified as Charles Okah and Obi Nwabueze were later found guilty by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the federal high court in Abuja.

2. 1st October 2015

Residents of Kirchinga, in Adamawa state, were attacked by Boko Haram terrorists on 1st October 2015.

Kirchinga is a village in Madagali Local Government of Adamawa state, which shares border with the dreaded Sambisa forest.

According to a fleeing resident of the village, Ahmad Musa, in a telephone interview with Premium Times, the terrorists entered their village around 12:30am, slitting the throats of five people.

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He said that they operated unchallenged for many hours due to the complete absence of security personnel in the area. The independence day turned to a day of sorrow for residents of Kirchinga village in 2015.

Nigeria is celebrating its 61st independence day today, the government should tighten security at state borders, especially in the South-East and Northern regions of the country. Some criminals might try to bring in weapons that would be used to commit crimes today.

Every truck at state borders should be thoroughly searched to stop any attempt of smuggling weapons today.

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