Can you Eat this weird looking cucumber?


Cucumber is a widely cultivated creeping vine plant and it was originally discovered in Asia. Most people regard cucumber as a fruit while most chefs knows it to be a culinary vegetables. This Highly nutritious fruits comes along with amazing Health benefits. Cucumber has a lot of water in it and contains important electrolytes that can help to prevent dehydration in hot weather or after exercise.

But due to its elongated shape, many ladies have converted this amazing vegetable to a self-servicing tools. what a wonderful world, a fruit that's meant to be eaten has now replaced men's natural cassava by these always-horny ladies, there is God o.

Another thing is that these cucumber can look so funny at time. so many weird looking cucumbers out, some are like the size of a yam(Some ladies spec), some are straight and long with a naturally attached head. LMAO

Now this question Is; will you ever eat this weird looking cucumber, provided that you're freely given.

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