Police officer shot and killed a knife-wielding man at cypress convenience store.


A man was shot to death by police officers at cypress convenience store at Texas. The deputy who did the shooting is Harris County at cypress convenience store.

The victim was suspected for being armed with a knife at hands.

When it started there were two officers at the scene and they were struggling with the victim. The victim was spotted with visible blood stains in his shirt according to the officer his two colleagues try to calm the man but it wasn't an easy task at all so they decided to use a Taser but no harm was caused. The the other deputy joined and was the one who did the shooting.

The deputy later posted this on his Twitter page

"A full and thorough investigation is underway. Per standard protocol, each Deputy-Involved shooting is investigated by multiple parties including the DAs office, the Harris Co Institute of Forensic Sciences, and our agency. Our condolences go out to the deceased male's family. We are aware of personal video footage of the scene. Also, our deputies wore Body-Worn cameras. All will be reviewed thoroughly. These situations are dynamic & split second decisions are made. As a situation unfolds, deputies do not have the benefit of pausing & rewinding footage. These incidents are extremely difficult for all involved. I'm relieved are deputies are safe."


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