Some African YouTube Channels You Should Check Out For Interesting Videos About African Countries.

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African YouTube Channels You Should Check Out For Interesting Videos About African Countries.

As big as the Africa continent is, Africa has numerous ethnic nationalities all with varying qualities such as language, dishes, greetings, and dances. With various tribes that each having their own unique characteristics. With these concept some YouTubers with African descent have taken upon themselves to showcase the beauty and change the negative narratives of the African culture.

Below are some of these content creators projecting the African culture;

1. Wode Maya

Wode Maya is a Ghanaian YouTube personality, vlogger, digital media influencer and aeronautical engineer. He started vlogging to change the negative stereotypes about Africans living in china and has dedicated his life on educating people about the beauty of the African culture and he's quite known almost every where outside the African continent. He's the first Ghanaian to hit 1 Million YouTube Subscribers.

2. Tayo Aina

Tayo Aina is a Nigerian independent Youtuber, Filmmaker, and Storyteller creating lifestyle, Travel, Business and Real Estate content that showcase the beauty of Africa and share the stories of African businesses and brands. Tayo Aina won The 2022 Future Awards African Prize for content creation.

3. New Africa

The New Africa Channel presents positive and educational news about business opportunities, mega construction projects, travel, lifestyle, entertainment, and culture in Africa; which aims to connect Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora with the rest of the world.

4. Afrikan Traveller

Afrikan Traveller is a Kenyan Digital Content Creator who does Travel Videos Across the African Continent. He is a YouTube Content Creator (Channel: Afrikan Traveller) whose core focus is to showcase development status and scenic parts of African Cities and Towns.

5. Dee Mwango

Dee Mwango is a Youtube Channel from Kenya. The youtube channel is owned by Diana Mwango. She provides content Showing the world through her lenses and on her experiences and points out how one can grow in his or her career. 

All of these African YouTube channels bring nothing but simply the best of raw, unfiltered travel experiences around the world whiles also showcasing the beautiful yet diverse African cultures that one might be missing big-time.

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