4 Things Couples Should Avoid Before Going To Bed At Night.

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In marriage, every little action matters a lot. Certain things some Couples do or ignore can go a long way to strengthen or jeopardize their relationship. This is because for every action, there will likely be a reaction.

In this article, we shall be looking at 4 things Couples should avoid before going to bed.

1. Going To Bed With Unsettled Quarrels

Quarrels usually arise in marriages as a result of misunderstanding, arguments, differences, individual opinions and so on. Oftentimes when Couples quarrel, anger usually sets in. When anger is present, the Couple may resort to abusing each other, shouting at each other and so on.

Unfortunately, in some cases, domestic violence may get involved, thereby worsening the situation. Couples should understand that marriage is not a place for winning arguments or fights. Sometimes, one may have to act like a fool so that peace can reign.

By every possible means, endeavour to settle any score you have with your spouse before going to bed. Even the Holy Scripture said we should not let our anger go beyond a day so that we don’t give opportunity to the devil.


2. Going To Bed Without Praying Together

This is very important for every one whether single or married. Everyone needs to cultivate the habit of praying before going to bed. For couples, praying together signifies oneness of heart in most cases.

For Couples who already have children, praying together as a family lays a good example/foundation for the children. In most cases, they will carry it on as a culture in their personal lives and in their future home.

However, praying together before going to bed is not usually that easy when Couples are in a state of disharmony. As a matter of fact, it is the height hypocrisy for a Couple to be praying together when their hearts are far apart from each other. So, settle your quarrels before you pray.

3. Not Checking Up On Your Children

Couples who have children should always endeavour to check up on them before going to bed. Where are your children? If they are supposed to be home, why are they not yet home?

In addition, you should interact with them and find out how they fared during the day. Be involved in your children’s lives to avoid surprises you may not be able to handle.

4. Not Saying ‘Good night’ To Each Other

As simple as ‘Good night’ sounds, there are Couples who can’t look each other in the eye and say ‘Good night’. Please, avoid going to bed without telling your spouse a warm ‘good night’.

Finally, what are your thoughts on this? What other things should Couples avoid before going to bed?

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