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October serves as the eighth month since South Africa started rolling out vaccines in February to it's residents. According to Worldometer South Africa's population stands at plus or minus 60, 346, 628 today. Since the vaccine roll out started, only 12.9 million people are fully vaccinated and a total of 23.3 million people received doses. This marks a percentage of 21.8% of South Africa's fully vaccinated population.

The Department of Health has set out that for South Africa to gain herd immunity and cut down the transmission of infectious, 67% of the population should be vaccinated. We are on eight months and only 21.8 of the population is fully vaccinated of which is not even half the percentage needed for South Africa to gain herd immunity.

As it stands new COVID cases have dropped to a lower number. Yesterday, the 9th of November South Africa recorded a number of 245 new cases and the recovery rate is at 96.4%. Everyone just wants COVID gone but it's safe to say the COVID state in South Africa is stable now.

According to the Health experts and advisory committee, a fourth wave is expected to hit South Africa in December this year and in January 2021.

The government is expected to put effort to fast track the vaccination program. It's safe to say that due to the elections, the government had abandoned the promotion of the vaccine program and with the elections done and out of the way, the government is likely to start putting some measures in place in order to increase the rate at which the vaccination program is going especially with the expected fourth wave.

The expected fourth wave may cause the lockdown regulations to be tighter and strict during this year's festive season. South Africa may move from level one to another level with strict regulations.

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