Khalwale Overjoyed As Son Gives Him Cute Granddaughter To Fill Late Wife's Void [Photo]

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The late Mama Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale and her son Tigana Khalwale at their Malinya home in Ikolomani, Kakamega County [Photo courtesy: Tigana Khalwale/Facebook]

Close to three years after the unfortunate demise of Mama Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale who was first wife of the former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, her "replacement" on this earth or so to say has finally entered this world and the bullfighting fanatic is over the moon about it.

We say this because in the morning of today on July 5th 2022, Boni Khalwale gladly announced the arrival of another member into the big and rapidly growing Khalwale family.

Khalwale who is fond of making such like announcements and others related to his family on social media couldn't keep quiet after receiving into this world his late wife's "reincarnation" (the way he puts it) after a relatively "long wait".

Taking to Facebook, the bullfighter shared a photo of the hours' old cute angel who received Candice Shikanga Khalwale as her name with a caption that described her and detailed who is behind her presence on this sophisticated earth.

He wrote that "blessings in abundance. Last night at Nairobi Hospital, the long wait for reincarnation of my late wife Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale came to a happy end.

God blessed my family with CANDICE SHIKANGA KHALWALE. Congratulations Tigana Khalwale for filling the void left by your mother's demise."

Collage photo of Candice Shikanga Khalwale (L) Mama Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale and Boni Khalwale during their son Tigana Khalwale's graduation at the University of Nairobi [Photo courtesies: Boni Khalwale and Tigana Khalwale/Facebook]

It should be remembered that Mama Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale passed away in October 2019 after collapsing at their Malinya home and was buried a week later.

1994 Photo of Boni Khalwale, his first wife Adelaide Shikanga Khalwale and their three children. Tigana Khalwale is seated on the left and has put on white sports shoes. [Photo Courtesy: Tigana Khalwale/Facebook]

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