4 Things To Do When Your Crush Already Has A Boyfriend.

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It can be very sad to find out that the girl of your dreams already has a boyfriend whom she loves very much. However, this does not mean that you cannot get close to her, you still have a chance to become her friend if you wish. When you notice that your crush has a boyfriend, instead of distancing yourself from her, there are some things you should do inst

1. Find out if she is happy in her relationship. It is possible that she might not be getting so much happiness from her current relationship and this still gives you a chance in her life only when you play your cards well. With this, you might need to get closer to her because you will only find out if she is happy in her relationship or not when you are close to her.

2. Ask her if you can become her friend. Becoming a friend to your crush who is in a relationship is not a bad idea. If you love a girl you know you cannot date, the only way to get close to her is by becoming her friend. Becoming her friend might even give you a chance to become her boyfriend in the future.

3. Don't distance yourself from her. You do not have to avoid her just because she is in a relationship. You can still get closer to her from time to time. Distancing yourself from her is not a good option as this will only create a space between the both of you.

4. Try to know if she is also interested in you. She can be in a relationship and still have an interest in you. You can know through her actions because, if she is interested in you, she won't be able to hide it.

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