Why You Shouldn't Copy Your Friend's Lace Style

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So many of us are guilty of copying other people's styles of outfits. Sometimes we even copy from fashion blogs. There are good and bad sides to imitating someone's outfit style, but in this write-up, I will list out the reasons why you shouldn't copy your friend's lace style:


1. They don't have the same body features as you. Your friend might be a little bit taller than you, so her style might not look good on you. There could also be a size difference, so if you copy your friend's style, the clothes might end up looking small or too big on you.


2. You won't use the same fashion designer. Your tailor might not be able to replicate your friend's lace style, so he will end up sewing something completely different.

3. Finally, your friend might have seen that particular style when it was trendy, so if you follow your friend's lace style, you might look outdated.

If you don't know what style to sew, visit top fashion blogs. You'll definitely get updated styles.

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