Cristiano Ronaldo In Manchester United's Leaked Home And Away Shirts

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Manchester United are set to play their last game of the season which will also decide their fate. They could miss out on the Europa league competition if they lose and West Ham win their game. The good news is that Erik Ten Hag is already focused on taking over the club and latest sources has it that he is headed to Manchester.

Manchester United are yet to officially release their official home, away and third kit for next season. There are leaks of how the kit will look like on the internet and it is amazing. A home red kit, a white away kit and yellow third kit. Here are some gorgeous photos of Cristiano Ronaldo wearing what could be Manchester United's next kit,

Leaked photo of the Home kit.

Leaked photo of the Away kit.

With one game to go, how well has Cristiano Ronaldo fared so far this season? Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United in the PL 2009,

18 goals

6 assists

Goals ratio: 0.55

Cristiano Ronaldo with Manchester United in the PL 2022,

18 goals

3 assists

Goals Ratio: 0.61. 13 Years different, same world class player.

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