Heri Wewe Ukona Wa Kukuletea Maua, Amira Throws Away Flowers Gifted To Her By Jimal


Jamal is now the talk of the town after his two wives engaged on a heated fight yesterday, 29th, June 2022 at around 11pm. Amber Ray hosted a live chat video and you could hear her and Amira were exchanging mean words. From the photo above you can see Jimal was at the flowers place to buy flowers for his two wives, but things turned out bad, Amira posted photos and video throwing flowers in the bin. See the photo below. It is very clear that the flowers Amira threw away were brought by Jimal, you can see they are the samr flowers Jimal is holding, do you agree with me? Is throwing the bunch of flowers in the dustbin the right thing? Comment below in the comment section and feel free to share your views, anything you would like to know about Jimal and Amira comment in the comment section below. Remember to follow me for more trending news.

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