"Push Him to One Corner" See What a Pastor did to This Beautiful Lady in Public


A couple of hours ago a video was posted that shows the scene of a pastor who met a lady on the road and started preaching to her by force. The lady though was wearing a transparent and a body revealing cloth which triggered the action of the pastor to stop her and started preaching to her by force. The pastor even went to the exte5of telling her to remove her cloth because she has been possessed by marine spiritual powers.

Meanwhile, alot of people crowded around the lady within minutes to witness what's going on between her and the pastor, immediately they saw what the pastor is doing to the innocent lady they were totally shocked. Some passerby were busy taking pictures and recording the videos of the incident which didn't go well with the lady.

hen the man of God command her to kneel down, although the lady refused at the first time of asking but she later succumb and she went down on her kneels to take the prayers from the pastor. The pastor made a shocking revelation that due to her seductive way of dressing that's why men are running away from her and that she should stop dressing in such manner.

see what people are saying here:

The man of God claims she's been used by a 'Marine Spirit.' people started to wonder what that really means, so after some preaching, the lady knelt down and she was prayed for by the pastor by laying his hands on him. The pastor began to pray for her against the spiritual powers of the marine and gave her some money so that she can get herself a new decent outfit.

Do you think the pastor should have gone to this extent? share with others so that we can hear their opinions as well

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