Avoid Wasting Resources in Drugs for Killing Rats, Use Common Salts


A rat or mouse in your home can carry a lot of risks. Rodents can spread disease, and both rats and mice can cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your home as well as eating and contaminating your—and your pet’s—food. Never worry since you can now use common salts in killing rats in your house.

Killing rats with common salts is possible but isn’t widely recognized by many people in Kenya. This is completely natural, and the type of salt that this article is referring to is common salts that are normally used in most households.Further in googling you will find a list of foods rodents are most attracted to, which includes salt. It means that adding food which contains poison to a a table salt will attract rodents, which they will come and eat the poisonous food.

In addition, scientific research indicate that the smell of ammonia is very poisonous that it instantly kills rats. If you want to know how to kill rats naturally, try using ammonia which has been mixed with table salts. In this case, table salts are used to attract rodents to where ammonia is placed.

In addition, if you are in the farming industry or being doing some research in the area, you’ve likely encountered all kinds of weird things that can be used to kill rodents. Their diet does have to contain adequate amounts of fluid. You can buy mothballs from department stores within your vicinity. Some domestic cats and dogs capture rats, usually small ones.

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