See the main reason Nigerian politicians are dying of Coronavirus disease(OPINION)


Coronavirus is a deadly disease/virus, yes, we all agree to that but the rate at which influential Nigerian politicians are dying of the virus is very high.Nigeria has lost more than ten(10) influential figures like Abba Kyari, Abiola Ajimobi, senator Osinawo to mention a few have died due to coronavirus disease and we can all say it due to the poor level of our health sector.Borris Johnson, the Prime Minister of United Kingdom was reported to be in a critical stage of Coronavirus but he was successful managed by the United Kingdom because their health sector is up to standard.Abba kyari was one of the first influential politician in Nigeria that was lost to the Coronavirus pandemic, he was said to have contacted the disease in a meeting he attended in Germany, but the saddening thing that transpired was that these politicians are used to travelling abroad for treatment of any sort of sickness or illness.

Abba kyari's case has shown us that the level our health sectors are operating is very poor that they couldn't successfully manage Abba Kyari's health.The death of ex-governor of Oyo state, Late Abiola Ajimobi also confirms solidly that our health sectors are so poor.Nigerian hospital can even boast of some surgeries done by other countries, we can even say some Nigerian hospital are the poorest in the world.

These are the main reason some of these leaders are dying of the Coronavirus disease, the equipment we have in some hospitals cannot successfully manage critical coronavirus patient.I think these Coronavirus pandemic will serve as a lesson to our leaders, so as to try and improve our health sector by providing equipment and facilities that will be on standby to treat any type of disease or illness.

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