Murder in Gomoa: 50 years old man killed and dumped in a sack at Gomoa Ojobi.


Weekends news is one of the best news we can obtain from Adom TV live via Facebook.

It is another evening and today marks the 18th of April 2021 and this finally falls on Sunday.

Residents in Gomoa confirm the death of an old man. They were of the great view that, the great man did not commit suicide rather, he was killed and dumped in a sack.

Service was every fantastic and just after Church service, we have come to have another wonderful encounter with Adom news via Facebook.

It was sad news coming from Gomoa as an old man was killed and dumped in a sack.

The report has it that, the murdered man is about 50 years old as some scrupulous murderers attack him and killed him. The corpse was then thrown into an uncompleted building wrapped in a sack.

This is very sad for the bereaved family members.

The news indicated that, the murdered man was dumped at Gomoa Ojobi.

Below is the link to the video as reported from Adom TV this evening.