People express their feelings regarding the BBMzansi shower hour.

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Big Brother Mzansi is a reality show with cameras running throughout the home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People who audition are aware of this, and they continue to do so, but other viewers are concerned that it is an invasion of privacy.

Yesterday was the first shower hour of the season, and everyone was ecstatic, especially the Twitter perverts. While some individuals were grumbling about it, others told them to stop watching because they were enjoying it. "If you are not comfortable with viewing shower hour, kindly dismiss yourself from BBM lesatloba matepe pls #ShowerHour," a Twitter user stated.

Because people have different feelings about this shower hour, the topic has been trending on Instagram and Twitter. A renowned Instagram gossip page asked its followers how they felt about shower hour and what they thought about it. The story can be found here.

Many people expressed their feelings, and some were concerned about invasions of privacy. According to a follower, "It's a problem for me. Shower hour has always existed, but the sloth is too early, and as you mentioned, families are still awake by 10 p.m., but the show is rated 18 after all."

According to another follower, "a touch too direct There's no need to spend an entire chapter to shower time."

Some people claim that these folks signed up for it, but is that accurate? On Twitter, a user wrote: "It doesn't mean they aren't being exploited just because they agreed or signed a contract. #BigBrotherMzansi #ShowerHour"

I believe they should move the show to a later time slot, perhaps midnight, because even though it is classed 18, some children are unconcerned, especially if their parents are not present. For many who are uncomfortable with such situation, the idea of both genders bathing together is also unsettling and intrusive.

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