Olu Jacobs reportedly falls sick according to igbowatch

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The veteran Olu Jacobs' sickness keeps aggravating day by day, and no feasible changes are seen yet on the worldwide known actor since the inception of his sickness.

Perhaps the actual cause of his sickness is old age sickness or some sort of being inactive on the stage recently, but the point is, he is seriously sick and needs all your prayers.

Oludotun Jacobs, 73, now popularly known as Olu Jacobs was born on 11th July, 1942. He is from Ogun state, married to an actress Joke Silva and they have two grown up sons Olusoji Jacobs and Olugbenga Jacobs as well as Dayo Jacobs.

Olu Jacobs before and now

His previous pictures Olu Jacobs and wife, Joke Silva

Olu Jacobs and family

His son and spouse who are about getting married

Olu Jacobs has won a lot of awards and contributed greatly to the drama industry both local and international. We need to pray for this living legend if we do not want the unexpected to happen to him. 

Who knows, your little prayer can go a long way reviving him and restoring him back to normal.

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