Musicians Who Predicted Their Death


Many artists have written songs about mortality, wondering what's awaits on the opposite side. However, some musicians have predicted their deaths in a somehow accurate way.

Below are a number of them who Predicted their deaths;


There is no denying that Tupac Shakur will go down in history because of the greatest rapper of all time. A part of what made him such an iconic figure was his intelligent understanding of society and culture.

Tupac had a powerful feeling timely his life that he'd never make it to maturity. Back in 1994, in an interview, he was asked where he'd see himself in 15 years, and his reply was " Best case, in a very cemetery. Maybe not a cemetery. Sprinkled in ashes, smoked up by my homies."

In 1995, Tupac told Vibe Magazine that he was giving them what he called his final interview, expressing a desire to own his story told Accurately before he died. 

Tupac died in 1996 at age 25 in a Las Vegas shooting just a few weeks after he released ca video duped "I Ain't Mad at Cha," which depicted him in an afterlife scenario, communicating with his loved ones. 

John Lennon 

Newsweek revealed that in 1965, Lennon told a reporter his expectations for himself and his fellow bandmates, stating, "We'll either die in a plane crash, or we'll be popped off by some loony." He was right. He died aged 40.

Michael Jackson

Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, told Rolling Stones she believes the reality could be a lot more sinister and says everyone in her family agrees with her.

She said, "He would drop hints about people being intent on getting him. And at some point, he was like, 'They're Gona kill me at some point."

In his last week's alive, Jackson wrote letters to 1 of his closest friends claiming he was visiting be off and was terrified for his life.

Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley once told the same story to Oprah regarding the singer's belief that somebody wanted him dead, allegedly to seize the cash from his music publishing catalog.