K24's News-Lead On Waititu's Son-Brian Ndung'u's Arrest Shift Attention From Internet Users


Brian Ndung'u, son to former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu was arrested on Monday dawn at 1.30 AM along Muindi-Mbingu street. Ndung'u was nabbed by the police after he was found driving under influence. Confirmed reports indicate that he was arraigned in court on Monday afternoon and released on a cash bail of Ksh 30000 or 3 years in jail.

However, Kenyans make fun of the news LEAD used on this news by one of the local broadcasting TV channels (K24) whereby the type of the vehicle Brian was driving had to be mentioned on the LEAD. Kenyans pause questions on the kind of intention the producer had after mentioning the type of vehicle on the lead. "Waititu's son charged with drink-driving Toyota Probox." The LEAD read.

The following are some of the comments from "tweeps" on that respective headline:

"Mentioning Toyota probox was unnecessary😂😂." A comment read

"Toyota probox is innocent and didn't need mention. Just say drunk-driving." Another comment read

"Toyota Probox is trending because as Kenyans we want to believe that if your parents are in politics, you should be moving around in some Prado or Range Rover, anything less doesn't make sense." Another humorous comment read

Other comments on the same;

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