Nurses demand for their 7 to 8 months long pay.


Nurses in Ghana complained that, they have not received their salaries for the past 8 months from the government. A lady shared her grievances with Kwadwo Sheldon in order to make their voices heard. She

said they are the ones who advice the public to have healthy meals but they themselves live on empty stomachs before, during and after work which is very bad. For the love of her job, within this Covid

season, they go to the hospital to cure patients with Covid and they eat nothing.

They have to get money for transportation to and from the hospital but here lies the case there is no money to cater for herself and the family. If you come out to air your opinions, they in turn take your license

or lay you off because they do not want them to come out and say anything. She said this happens to the newly recruited nurses and some of them usually depend on the money they get from staffed nurses.

She said they have provided all requirements and they have not received any money. She said she is the only one airing her thoughts because they have been asked to stay away from social media and they can

hold her license which will prevent her from working.