Every time a black Woman wins Miss SA race and tribes are involved, justice for black women.

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Yesterday was indeed a good day and was so inspiring.We are witnessed greatness personified. Seeing Zozibini looking at her black magic, her work and influence come into fruition.

What a solid top 3 the new miss South Africa management has been so progressive. Black girls being crowned for 3 consecutive years? We love to see it. It’s been amazing having a representative at #MissSA. Not only are these black women beautiful and intelligent, they are unapologetically black! That matter . I never cared until Zozi and we have been killing it since.

I find it funny that people are crying about Miss SA being black or coloured again.Let them make noise.Let them cry.Struggle builds character.Which is exactly what you need to win a competition like Miss SA if you're bland and unseasoned whos fault is that.

There have been 70 MissSA's competitions, only 10 were won by Black queens. Ironically the competition is "Rigged" and Racist towards blacks.

Tribalism is gonna finish us as black South Africans I tell you I don't why is it that people will not see people for being people period. What we are doing to each is not different from what the apartheid regime did.

We gonna shine at Miss Universe. Our black girls always stand out no doubt is their time.You mentioned Race first so I mentioned it too.

At some point we need to have a conversation about how dark skinned women have carried the black nation and the rest of the world. How dark skinned women have been the most severely affected by centuries of oppression and have been passed over for opportunities.

Shudufhadzo Musida those who have been against her since she was crowned will keep saying she’s unmemorable, but some of us will remember her reign.The same people who bully Shudu will be advocating for mental health tomorrow.

Congratulations to the newly crowned Miss South Africa  2021 Lalela Lali Mswane. Its you time to Shine.


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