News of Hope on HIV for Women As Kenyan Scientists Do This


HIV virus is among the most fatal viruses in the world today. The Virus causes AIDs which is a deadly disease. Some news which are of hope have been delivered by researchers from Kenya.

Scientists from the University of Nairobi are trying to find a solution that will prevent HIV infection to Women only.

They are studying vaginal secretions from women to find out a way on which they can develop a way that will prevent HIV transmission from a man to a woman through intercourse.

The research is aimed at helping women only to prevent acquiring the visus from a men through intercourse.

The research is aimed at developing a lifetime vaccine that will prevent the virus from getting to the body during sex. The virus will be fought the moment it enters a woman body and it will not survive to cause infection.

This efforts are among the World initiative to fight and try to eliminate HIV which has been a major issue in the world for many years.

If this research becomes successful, women who will receive the vaccine will have few chances of getting infected by HIV.

This will also have a good impact on men since it will have broken the cycle of infection. This can mean even the number of infection in men will reduce significantly.

This is because if less women are infected, that means less men can get the virus through intercourse.

Meanwhile, Always remember to follow health guidlines to remain safe from HIV. Remember to use protective measures so as to avoid contracting this deadly virus.

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