OPINION: The Raid Was not About Selling of Counterfeit Goods But It Was a Xenophobic Practice

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Amid the chaos as police and SARS custom officials raided stores in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD on Friday, suspected of selling counterfeit goods with an estimated value of R24.5 million, only one shop remained standing ~ NEWS24

Shop-owners watched on in disbelief as police raided their stores, in the JHB CBD, that are suspected to be selling counterfeit goods. Earlier chaos erupted in the area when they tried to fight back and throw stones @TeamNews24 pic.twitter.com/K8cuCZKq9g

Why was this raid done closer to the elections, is it not a bit too late? And we know those sellers are part of a huge network. By next week they will be selling again. So you see, problem not solved. That's being racists, these people are not criminals they are helping our kids who loves Nike and Adidas but can't afford to buy original ones, It's a shame about these officials because these goods will go to their houses same like metro police, who are always raiding goods and fruits only to take them to their homes, ANC must fall


The ruling party had been quiet about this and now that they fear people will vote for ActionSA, they pretend to care there's nothing to applaud here because confiscating counterfeit goods won’t stop Jhb from being as filthy as it, it won’t stop it from being converted into Africa, it won’t take away the crime, it won’t take away illegal occupants from those abandoned buildings, it will not bring back our girls. It won’t do anything to restore our city to its original form. They are very good at tackling useless issues before the real issues that affect our country. All this time these people have been making millions without paying tax and the very same government who allows this is making us pay so much taxes, to make this country a better place for people who don’t contribute to its net


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