Mamkhize posted these pictures on social media and people said the about her shoes

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Shauwn Mkhize, professionally known as Mam'Mkhize, is a South African businesswoman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, television personality and socialite. She is also well known for being the owner of a soccer team which plays in the Premier Soccer League which is known as Royal AM, which is only just its first season currently in the Premier Soccer League.

Mamkhize recently had people on social media talking after she posted pictures of herself on social media. Some people on social media were complementing her in this picture, as they were saying that she looks very beautiful. However some people on social media noticed the shoes that she was wearing.

People on social media clearly loved these shoes as some were even asking for Mamkhize for these shoes. Some said that these shoes that Mamkhize was wearing was very beautiful, as they also wanted these shoes.

Here are some of the comment that people on social media made after seeing these pictures that Mamkhize posted on social media.

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