Just in: Jubilee Government Allegedly Recalls All Equipments to be Used to Tarmac Gachie Road in Kiambaa (Video)


When leaders are campaigning, they always promise a lot of things, that they will do to the people, if they get elected. They can even start some projects to entice the people to vote for them.

And now as per Dennis Itumbi, the Jubilee government has recalled the building and construction equipment that was the tarmac of the Gachie Road in Kiambaa.

A video shared online by Dennis Itumbi shows heavy trucks carrying caterpillars and other construction equipment out of Kiambaa.

It is reported that Jubilee had started to tarmac the road to convince the people of Kiambaa to vote for Jubilee candidate Kariri Njama.

In the by-elections, UDA candidate John Njuguna took the day after defeating Jubilee's Kariri Njama.

The elections as per the pundits have exposed President Uhuru Kenyatta's weakness and that DP Ruto is slowly taking control of the Mount Kenya region.

Here is the link to watch a video of construction equipment being taken out of Kiambaa.


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