Uhuru plans to pull Ruto out of 2022 succession.

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After a complete purge of cleaning both national assembly and that of senate,president Kenyatta has opened another new page of battle with his deputy president mr William Ruto.as has he seek to maintain influence and grip to block his deputy president from accessing power ahead of the coming general election.

Mr Kenyatta has moved his effort to influence the community and church elders where the backbone of ruto has been laid.since William ruto has been supportive to this vulnerable groups.

Elders who were drawn from Kikuyu and that of kalenjin have got convinced to support president's agenda of uniting the people of kenya to operate like one family.mr Kenyatta's latest plot is likely to deal his deputy a hard nose grassroots mobilliser who has been church elders and leaders,youths and women.

According to gikuyu council of elders chairman kiago ,Kenyatta reached them in march 2018 the same month.to shake hands in name of uniting country.president is reported to have expressed fear that his community was walking into a succession trap that doesn't recognise the numerical strength in the voters register to generate them a prominent role in the next government.

Mr kiago revealled Kenyatta pushed for some selected council heads to go for a week long benchmarking tour at buganda kingdom to familiarise themselves with how the kingdom works.

Through passing the word handshake and fulfilling agenda,ruto shall get himself being blocked.the president is pushing us to actualise and agenda that makes us feel we are one community that should be sound by unity and cohesion and also give democracy chance to thrive.irungu kangata said.

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