The Man Promised To Marry Me But When I Got Pregnant, He Stole My Money And Fled- Mary Narrates


Mary Daniel has narrated her ordeal during an exclusive interview with PUNCH News. The young lady has been making headlines since her pictures/story surfaced the internet. The woman was seen under the scorching sun in Lagos, hawking pure water and bottle water in traffic with only one leg.


Picture of Mary Daniel

During her interview with Punch News, Mary says that her dream was to become a Lawyer but she had an accident at the age of 10 that changed her life. Mary says that the ghastly accident took the lives of her parents and other persons in the vehicle that day and she was the only survivor. It was some good Samaritans that rushed her to the hospital and called informed her grandmother about the accident.

Her granny was in the village in Kogi and before she could get to Benue, Markurdi where she was admitted, they had already amputated her leg because she was in critical condition. Mary says that was how she lost her leg.

Narrating how she has survived selling water on one leg in Lagos Traffic, she says that she sometimes sleep on the street or around Oshodi-Market side. She says that some driver would pity her and drive slowly so that she could sell her water while some will not wait. She narrates that some passengers even went away with her money when she cannot run after their vehicle.

Mary says that her grandmother introduced her to a man who agreed to marry her despite her condition. She says that she went to the village to meet the man and the man promised to take care of her and she would not lack anything. She accepted the man and he took her to his house in Ayungba but when she got pregnant, Mary says he did not care for her again.

She said she was the one feeding herself, she paid her hospital bills and everything on her own. She said she went to Asaba with her pregnancy to start hawking sachet water in order to fend for herself. She said she was able to rent an apartment for herself in Asaba, she invited her husband to come stay with him and the man came.

They were staying together until last year 2020 when a kind-hearted man saw her in traffic when she was about to be hit by a trailer and he gave her N500,000 to start a business. She was very excited and she did not tell her husband about it because he is not trustworthy. Unluckily, the man later found out and he got angry that she did not tell her about it.

She said that after she went to bed, the man took her phone and her ATM and ran away, by the time she got to the bank, she was only able to get N2, 000 from the N500, 000 in her account. Mary was crying during the interview as she narrates this experience. The man withdrew all the money in her account and left her alone with the baby without any other source of income.


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