Fashion Goals- Admirable Female Stars Who Slay While In Red Clothe


Fashion has become part and parcel of our daily lives especially among the ladies.Knowing how to match your clothe colours in a stylish way is a skill many would like to posses.Of all the colours,red is among the most loved in terms of fashion.With me are celebrities who always rock while in red cloth.

1.Hamisa Mobetto

This Tanzanian beauty queen is always ranked among the best dressed video vixens in East Africa.She has a good sense of fashion which ranges from ankara's to denims.Mobetto is known for colour clashing and red always works perfectly well on her.

2.Moesha Buduong

Moesha who is a top Ghanian actress enjoys massive popularity due to her acting skills and beauty.She was blessed with a killer body figure and any clothe works for her.Of all the colours,red is one that makes her glow and look glamorous.

3.Oge Okoye

The Nigerian veteran actress has maintained her position in the entertainment industry for years.One of the factors for this is her fashion designs that are always unique and stylish.She rocks in red clothes as seen in the posted photo.

4.Sanaipei Tande

Kenya takes pride in this gorgeous musician gifted with talent and extreme beauty.Her fashion style is one of the best among celebrities and anytime she steps out in red,she is always a spectacle.

5.Rachael Okonkwo

She is a top nollywood actress blessed with great acting skills and cuteness.Miss Rachael is an apple in the eyes of many due to her eye catching beauty and fashion game.Red is actually her stuff and will actually take the day when she is in red.

6.Risper Faith

The contraversial Kenyan personality won't miss in any list involving fashion.She always dresses to kill and red actually makes her appear more gorgeous.Who do you think is the most stylish of these celebrities.Kindly send in your comments as you like,share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles