Teachers Put On Medical Arrest After A Student Added This On Their Tea Turning Them On

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Dramatic scene today engulfed Murumbe High School Teachers in Embu County were Put on Medical Arrest After Jenifer Ndwiga a Form 1 Student Added Viagra to the Staffroom Tea in revenge for being punished on Thursday afternoon by a teacher.

According to the report, the teachers started to behave in a badly manner as they could be seen touching each other and some even behaving in shocking manner within the school compound.

The student allegedly sneaked into the teachers offers and added the illegal drug on teachers tea. The teachers turned wild as they could not control their feelings. This forced some of the teachers who never took the tea to call for their wives and husbands to come for their rescue after they turned wild.

The male teachers could not hide it any more since blood was overflowing through their veins.

The student allegedly did such worrying act after he being punished by the students as a revenge mission. Do you think the student should be sent away from the school? Kindly share your views.

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