EMBARAMBAMBA Is Back, Kenyans React After His Comeback


The great singer from kisii has sparked reactions among Kenyans when he shown up for a festival in kisii. Many kenyans believed that after he got some money from his past experiences and dances he went silent. Some said he was satisfied with the money.

In advert posted in Facebook by henry desagu the kisii festival shows an advert where it will be attended by various musicians and comedians among the featuring the great and only embarambamba.

The festival will be at kahawa wendani in the lacasa lounge next to cleanshelf. They will be hosted by hon. Kering.

Kenyans have reacted differently some saying their must be dirt somewhere to make sure that embarambamba performs to his form as always.

Some says they have decided t bring back embarrassing moments to Nairobi yet they have been forgotten for sometimes backwards.

What is your take on Kenyans who are taking embarambamba differently not knowing it is source of income?

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