Dr Dominic Ayini Has Shown Courage of Conviction- Kweku Baako


The Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guild newspaper, Mr Kweku Baako Jr has contended that Dr Dominic Ayini's reponse to the General Legal Council on the Chief Justice's petition is a demonstration of the courage of conviction he expected from him [Dominic Ayini].

Speaking on Peace FM today, he said "I can smell courage of conviction in there. This is what I was looking for. So if I were him, I would prepare and go to the Disciplinary Committee, [and I hope he does that] to articulate his conviction in his 11 page statement before the committee. That's how you build a nation; that's how you change the course of history.

Mr Kweku Baako however criticized what he described as the politicisation of the petition before the General Legal Council, insisting it is not good for the judicial processes.

"The logic is that, once you politicize it, you neutralize the judicial processes", he noted.

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