How To Apply For Your Lost Certificates online


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Have you lost you KNEC certificate? If the answer is yes then today am going to teach you on how to apply your lost certificate online.

These are the The documents that will need before you do the application; You wiol need a Copy of your certificate, you should have a letter from center that you sat for the Exam, You should also have a Sworn legal affidavit from a court,Birth certificate,Police abstract ,Letter from Registrar of persons,Passport photo size and National ID.

When you are sure that the above mentioned documents are available you should also be ready with Ksh. 2320 for confirmation and verification of documents and Ksh. 5220 per certificate.

Procedure of Applications

1. You should Visit the KNEC website that is;

2.Then Click on QMIS.

3. Then Click on the Register which is at the bottom of the page. Then follow the procedure and Enter the required details.

4.Then when you are done with the procedure submit your information