Welcome To The Month Of Perfection


Hurray, we are in a new month that marks the second half of the year and it has not being easy at all with everything around us. God has being faithful to us. The greatest gift that must cherished more is life. You cannot have your dream car, business or marriage if you don't have life. It would amount to nothing.

The Lord is good even though you may not have accomplished any of your set goals, there is still life and you can still work on it. It is not too late, just do your homework well and be focused on fulfilling your goals.

The only thing you should say is " thank you Lord". He deserves all our praise. You may find it very difficult in the condition you may be in right now but don't forget that in all things, you must give thanks. The good and the bad works together for your good and then you would have an experience so that you can help anyone who is going through that same problem.

July is a good month and so have your goals set again for the second half of the year. It is a month of perfection.

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