The fastest developing community in Ghana with no single church and bad records.

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Dagbamate is a community located in the Akatsi South municipal, Volta.

The occupation of the individuals in the community is farming and trading.

The community is noted all around the municipal and beyond for their custodian and care for culture and tradition. There's no other religion in the community, apart from the traditional religion (APETORKU traditional religion).

Most of the source of income for the development of the community comes from the great shrine of APETORKU and some times contribution from the citizens of Dagbamate.

APETORKU is an ancestral god for the protection of life, healing and the protection of properties.

APETORKU stands on truth, good neighborliness, respect for humanity, friendliness, justice and love. The worship of APETORKU is on 36 commandments.

Some of the great achievements from the fund of APETORKU to the community are: commissioned community center,I.C.T center for the J.H.S, Head teachers bungalow, teachers bungalow, Doctors bungalow for medical staff,nurses quarters,wards for patients of APETORKU,12 seater W.C facility for the community and the current great work under construction to be commissioned is the chief palace. The building project displayed is the chief palace under construction to be commissioned.

The elders of the community make sure every year there must be a project to be commissioned.

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