Secret Things To Do For You To Live A Long Life, Number 4 Is Important


Jeanne Calment from France, the world's longest-lived human, reached 122 years and 164 days according to Guinness records.

In different beliefs, longevity has its own characteristics, but scientifically, the most obvious reasons that scientists have researched and proven to be able to interpret and the extent to which one can use it.

It is possible though he responds strongly to common sense and it is easy to assume that it is beyond your control. But researchers point out that among other things, what you eat or drink at bedtime has a profound effect on how long you can live.

Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) corresponds to the average life expectancy in the world for 72 years, of which a man is 69 years and 8 months and a woman is 74 and two months.

Your meal before bedtime, is your ticket to the age of travel, what station and what distance you will get off when you finish your journey on earth.

There are no major secrets to enabling longevity, and those five mysteries are being stopped by scientists.

1. Stop eating extra gold before bedtime.

Simply put, sugar is bad, and its badness is inherent in the type of sugar. There are about 17 different types of sugar, but the worst sugar is the one you add to your diet. With its memory in the body, the most recognizable sugar and that obtained through learning how we eat without being guided.

Dosage of acceptable supplemental sugar and no more than 6 teaspoons per woman and no more than 9 teaspoons per man.

It is about an average of no more than 30 grams a day. But the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends daily consumption of at least two teaspoons or 10 grams of asparagus.

Use it in the same way, but if you completely avoid the extra sugar that can be used for example in things like tea, drinks like soda, 'ice cream', cakes and so on, you will put yourself in a better position to exercise, sleep better and sleep late.

Studies show that nearly half of people over the age of 80 did not use sugar at all for the rest of their lives, or some were on prescription drugs, and children were less likely to use less.

Numerous studies show that when you eat sugar at dinner or in the evening shortly before bedtime or later you put yourself at greater risk of developing acne, obesity, cancer, heart disease, acne and others.

2. Drinking green tea 'green tea'.

It is especially common in the mornings to find people drinking tea. Tea is a popular item in many communities around the world, despite the presence of many beverages. In places where its people live longer they consume 'green tea' along with other beverages such as water, coffee, and red wine.

One of the benefits of green tea is that it contains antioxidants, which are very important in protecting energy cells against heart disease, cancer and other devices.

Researchers say that if you drink sugar without dying, it will work better than regular tea or coffee. In many places people wake up for a long time in Japan and use more 'green tea'.

3. Drinking red wine after 11 hours.

You may be surprised at this, wondering how to use Red Wine became something that can help a person to live many years. Author and researcher Dan Buettner acknowledges this drinking of wine and as a result is confusing because of students or that research promotes alcoholism as a health hazard.

"I understand that recent studies show that alcohol increases the risk of developing breast cancer in women and other diseases. But I can point out that in the five places where people live for a long time, they consume this drink per day," he said.

In this regard, scientist Dr. Kristen Willeumier explains the difference in the Well + Good post on the subject "Alcohol in the beginning if I can calm down, but if it is concentrated, it can disturb you and keep you awake."

4. Do not eat and then go to bed.

This is a clear but unacceptable secret from a society that sees it as better to overcome hunger than to sleep without eating. In the Okinawa area of ​​Japan, its people are said to watch at night and those who eat it eat up to 3 hours before bedtime.

And those who eat that dinner eat very little food that does not reach or a quarter of the food eaten during the day. “Food that stimulates the body to lose insulin, which works in contrast to the hormone that helps the body sleep, melatonin.

Now eating too much or eating too close to bedtime will damage the melatonin cost system in the body and make it harder for you to sleep, or you may not get enough sleep or sleep, "explains another expert, Whitney English Tabaie, RDN.

5. Eat bread made from empty grains.

Empty grain breads contain nutrients and minerals such as tryptophan and magnesium; a valuable level of serotonin in the body which is a weapon of melatonin production that can help with insomnia and sleep well.

Although there are researchers who look at it differently, other studies clearly agree that eating early, little or no food at bedtime will help build your health, help calm your body and relax those who exercise.

According to Dr. Kristen Willeumier, she can be old, and many years old, with a full body and ailments, young age and problems, getting long to exercise and this is possible with extra sugar, drinking 'green tea', red tea, eat whole grain bread and do not eat and then go to bed.


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