Very Interest and Surprising Facts About the Human Body You Probably Didn’t Know


The Human body is so interesting and very sophisticated and we are constantly surprised by all the things it does to keep us moving and functioning. Below are some of the things it does that we may or may not be aware of which I believe is worth sharing. Let's find out;

I. Nose

There are people who perceive all smells as odorous. Such people suffer from cacosmia.

Out of all the senses we have, smell is the most acute one. We remember 65% of smells after a year but only 50% of the things we’ve seen over the last 3 months.

We get a new nose every 28 days because the nose cells are renewed every four weeks.

We don’t smell when we sleep. Your sense of smell goes to sleep when you do. When sleeping, we lose our sense of smell so we rely only on sound.

The nose never stops growing.

II. Tongue

Almost half of your taste buds would have gone away by the time you turn 60 years and as for tasting of food, we mostly rely on our smell as it helps us perceive up 95% of the flavor

III. Ears

We need ears not only for hearing but for balance too. Our vestibular system occupies the inner ear. Canals in the inner ears contains fluids and tinny sensors helping you keep the balance.

By the way, ears have bones. These are also the only bones that never grow. We can hear thanks to them since they transmit sound vibrations. They are called Ossicular Chain.

Our ears keep growing throughout our lives. They sweat too and ear wax is the kind of sweat they produce.


IV. Heart

This is the only muscle that never gets tired.

The aorta is massive. Its diameter is almost as large as water hose.


V. Bone

All the bones in our body are connected to each other except for the hyoid which doesn’t articulate with the other bones. It serves as a support to the tongue and is one of the rarest bones to break.

VI. Eyes

If you have red eyes in your photo, blame it on bouncing light. The flash bounces off the capillaries in your rena creating that effect.

The coolest camera so far has 200 mega pixels but the human eyes has 576 mega pixels.


VII. Lips

Lips are much more sensitive than the finger. They have around a million nerve endings. They are 100 times as sensitive as the tips of the fingers.

Our lip prints are unique and doesn’t change throughout our lives.


VIII. Smell

Even though all the people on earth have an absolutely unique smell, identical twins smell exactly the same. It must be because they have identical gens.


IX. Hair

Usually, we shed about 50-150 hairs a day. An average lifespan for hair is five years and as soon as an old hair says goodbye, a new one starts to grow immediately.

X. Brain

The brain will grow by roughly 2% if you enter into space. Under normal gravity, it is thought that fluids in the brain naturally flow downwards when we stand upright but there is evidence that lack of gravity prevents this which is why fluids accumulate in the brain and skull.

XI. Body

In your body you carry enough bacteria to fill a can. About 1.5-2Kg of bacteria make up your weight representing 2% of your total weight.

The irons in our body are enough to produce three nails, each one 3 inches long.

The carbon that we have can be used for 900 pencils.

Our liver has a super power of regenerating if a part of it was removed. It can grow back to the size your body need.

Fat helps our body consume vitamins. Vitamins like A, D, K and E can be properly absorbed only when fat dissolves.

Our bodies have enough fat to produce seven bars of soap.

When we are awake our brains have enough energy to turn an electric bulb on. It has 10 watts of power.

Our belly buttons has a range of bacteria in them. About 70 different types in all.

Saliva help to taste food. Our taste buds are ready to perceive it only when it’s dissolved by saliva.

An eyelash is here to stay for 150 days only. They are also home for tiny mites.

We blink about 4,200,000 times a year. At least once every eight seconds.

The only thing that makes our blood type different is sugar. A, B and AB types have sugars whiles O has none which makes it perfect for donors. O type bloods attract mosquitoes more than the other blood types.

Our finger nails grow way faster than our toe nails. They grow 4 times faster than toe nails because they have more damage than toe nails.

Very few people can actually digest milk. There’s some special enzyme that breaks down the sugar any milk has. When people grow-up they run out of this enzyme. This sugar is called lactose so adults that can’t digest it are lactose intolerant. 68% of the world’s population can actually digest milk.

That's all for now. So tell me, did any of them surprise you? Do let us know in the comments section and also tell us something about the body you think is really cool to know.