Teachers Under 'Siege' After A Form One Messed Up Staffroom Tea With A 'Hormonal Activating Drug'

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Teaching is a noble profession that needs commitment, hard work and concern. Despite the efforts seen by teachers, there are a number of challenges facing them at their working stations.

The withdrawal of punishment in schools for instance has contributed to the much indiscipline cases witnessed in Kenyan schools.

Students ganging up against teachers and beating them up for a number of reasons has been witnessed all through. As if that is not enough, some students have chosen to go for another form of punishment to these innocent teachers.

It was all shock and confusion in Murumbe Secondary School following an incident where a form one student messed up with staffroom tea meant for teachers by adding a hormonal activating drug.

The form one student is allegedly believed to have added viagra without being noticed by innocent teachers who took tea as usual. Later on, the effect of the drug broke all hell loose in school as teachers could not control themselves.

The situation however was brought to a standstill and teachers rushed for medical attention. Police have launched investigations to establish the cause of the incident.

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