Children of these days will not understand these struggles we passed through as kids. See photos

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Children of these days do not know the struggle we faced as kids.

I mean this days every home owns a television set and some play stations games, it was really difficult getting access to such gadget in the past.

We had to device Hilarious means to keep ourselves happy

Below are some things we did that children of these generation will not understand.


We all have that neighbour who owns a television in his small room. We would occasionally go to see movies, and you are mandated to sit on the floor because there is not enough space.


As a boy, it's almost impossible not to visit a game house in your childhood. Once you go enter a game house, it takes the grace of God to go back home early. Some of us get chased out by lashes of cane from our parents.

Unlike there days most parents buy their children play stations, it was almost impossible to own one in our time,except your parents are really wealthy


As kids we all had that wicked neighbour, who doesn't allow kids enter their room. So we found an alternative by peeping through the window.

Television shows like super story, papa ajasco and co, made us do this.


Playing football in the rain hits different, maybe because of the difficulty to kick the ball, or the rain bath, we all enjoyed playing football in the rain as kids

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