Seven Areas She Will Definitely Look At Before Saying 'Yes'


Maybe not in that order, but I believe these are the 7 Areas A Lady Who Really Sees You As A Potential Hubby And Loves You Looks At (based on the stories of many good and happy married women).

1. Your Dreams and Objectives

Before she asks about such infinitesimal stuff, she will ask you many times about your hopes and aspirations, whether short or long term. To her, your life purpose is more important. Yes, indeed.

2. Your Position In Her Life And Work

She actually wants to know your part in her life when she asks you about your dreams and passions. She needs to know that you will be there for her, and that you will be there for her.

3. Spiritual Control Or Leadership.

Trust me, if she loves you, she'll ask for anything from flats to grants, regardless of your faith or personal belief in "God." Ladies need protection, including spiritual security.

4. Your State of Mind

She would not turn a blind eye to his mental ability if she loved him. She'll try to sway him in the right direction. Change is all that love needs.

5. Your Previous Life

Love isn't a form of insanity. She is interested in hearing about your ex-partners and previous relationships because she adores them. If she doesn't ask or care, hmm...

6. Your Net Worth and Financial Goals

Yes, this is also important. You both care for each other, so it's her responsibility to inquire about your monthly earnings. That would assist her in making wise plans and decisions. Money is also important.

7. Members of Your Family

This is extremely important. She'd like to meet your relatives, whether it's your siblings or parents. If she doesn't want to see them but just wants to see you, don't take it personally; it's not a positive sign. Greetings.


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